How to use Doxycycline for acne? How it works? Treatment regimen.

Updated: 2019/09/15

Doxycycline acne

Today we are talking about the proper treatment of acne with antibiotics. The problem of acne is so common that there are no people who have not faced it. And doctors of various specialties, and our children, and of course we are with you.

Determination of the degree of infection…

Let me remind you, everyone who comes to us, we test for the presence of acne in the skin. You need to know that today's medicine has brought methods of treating acne to medical accuracy. To find out how to treat them – count their number on your face.

If the acne on the face of less than 10 pieces, the diagnosis of acne of the first degree. If from 10 to 40 pieces – acne second degree. If over 40, the acne of the third degree.

Let's talk about the second degree, when acne is already quite a lot. In addition, this is the most common degree of infection and the one with which it is necessary to proceed to antibiotic treatment. This is the time when intervention will bring maximum effectiveness.

As a rule, the disease occurs in boys and girls from 16 to 25 years – the so-called transitional age. How do teenagers try to solve this problem? Apply advertised funds, scrubs and more. But it does not bring results.

What causes acne on the face?

A widespread belief from dirt and improper operation of the gastrointestinal tract, puberty, hormonal surge. But in fact everything is much easier:

  • Increase androgens(male and female sex hormones)
  • Increased sebum production
  • Microbial inflammation
  • Increased keratinization of the skin

In many cases, all these causes are not only related, but are consequences of each other. Increasing androgens leads to the production of fat. Fat like and people, and microbes do. Therefore, they begin to exist and develop in it. As a consequence, there are pimples. If there was a pimple and the sebaceous gland would be out, then when washing all the bacteria were washed off. But the gland is clogged with Horny scales. Cause: increased keratinization of the skin.

Pay attention to your pimples...

Development of acne

As a rule, the pimple develops around the hair follicle. It is in this place that the sebaceous gland produces fat under the action of androgens. In the sebaceous gland germs begin to develop immediately. When microbes evolve occurs purulent inflammation. As a result, a pimple appears on the surface of the skin. This process has nothing to do with eating disorders or other causes.

Do not squeeze out pimples!!!

Many, especially young people resort to squeezing pimples with their own hands or in beauty salons. So-called facial cleansing. This process is more sterile, but in fact the same with extrusion.

In their opinion, it helps to refresh the face, look more attractive. In fact, this is an important element of the psyche of a young boy and girl. But it is necessary to understand what happens in the body when you do it?

In fact, pressing acne is not only not nice, there is still a negative reaction. Further spread of infection. And many faced it. How does this happen?

Do not squeeze out pimples

Acting on the skin with your fingers with such force, which is enough to exit the pus from the body of the pimple-we think that we have emptied the cavity of the pimple only. In fact, as a result of such exposure, pus breaks into the internal parts of the skin in the sebaceous gland. And there is its spread to neighboring areas.

Therefore, any squeezing of pimples, including the so – called "facial cleansing" - is an absolute violation of all modern standards of acne treatment.

How to treat acne?

A common misconception that you need to take the most famous drug for external use. It can be-balm, cream, scrub and more. And apply it to the affected area of the skin.

Apply scrubs quite impossible. What is scrub? This cosmetic product that is used to clean the skin. Due to the content of small solid particles, it removes dead skin layers. But this effect is not useful for acne. After all, the root of the pimple is not on the surface of the skin, but under its cover. In addition, actively acting on the pore-you can provoke inflammation.

Creams for external use...

In case of acne disease, it is necessary to use drugs for external use only as auxiliary therapy. But on such means it is necessary that it was written "for oily and problem skin". Why oily skin? Because as stands out a large number of fat.

Use such tools to care for the skin in the morning. At the moment when you take morning procedures-wash. In addition, you can and should wash only by such means. You just apply this tool on the face without washing.

Knowing the causes of infection, we understand what to influence. The first reason – hormones androgens. They should not be influenced. If we start hormonal drugs to suppress these hormones, it is possible to reduce the synthesis of proteins and accelerate their decay. And this may be the result of a complete hormonal imbalance of the body.

The second reason-increased production of fat. It's worth fighting. How? These are drugs for external use for oily and problem skin. Described above.

The third reason – keratinization of the skin. This cause can be localized with a drug called Retin-a Gel and its analogues. These are retinol-containing creams, which basically have a specially synthesized structure of vitamin A. Thanks to it, excessive growth of epithelial cells that line the ducts of the sebaceous glands is inhibited.

It is applied in the evening, before going to bed. Apply a thin layer to the skin and does not wash off. During the night it can dissolve a lot of Horny scales. As a result, the subcutaneous fat is released and comes out. Thus there is a process of resorption of acne.

Doxycycline for acne

In parallel with all this, it is necessary to fight microbial inflammation. The only drugs that can do this are Antibiotics. Therefore, antibiotics are prescribed for acne.

Here special antibiotics which will be able to win against these bacteria are necessary. It is the antibiotic Doxycycline and Tetracycline. These drugs are drugs tetracycline series and have a similar principle of action.

Effect of doxycycline…

The effectiveness of the drug provides hydrochloride doxycycline, thanks to this substance is the destruction of bacterial microflora, while the drug does not affect fungal infections and viruses.

After it is applied, the following mechanism of action is triggered:

  • Rapid absorption through the gastrointestinal tract
  • Penetration into bacterial cells
  • Suppression of protein synthesis processes
  • Termination of bacteria

The solution to the problem of acne contribute to the following properties of Doxycycline:

  • Destruction of pathogenic microflora in the intestine and normalization of its functioning. Infectious diseases of the digestive system often provoke the appearance of acne, so it is necessary to eliminate not the secondary symptoms, but the main cause;

  • Harmful effects on microorganisms sensitive to the composition, and located in the upper layers of the epidermis;

  • Providing natural protection and minimizing the risk of joining secondary infections that can exacerbate the problem with acne;

  • Disastrous effect on subcutaneous mites, if the appearance of acne and General deterioration of the skin is associated with the pathological activity of this parasite.

Duration of treatment?

From 14 days to three months. Acne penetrates deep into the pores and pull out it is not easy. To achieve this, it is necessary to wait for antibiotic therapy three-fold change of the skin. Human skin is renewed once every 28 days or once a month. And only then can the impact of therapy be assessed.


Determine the degree (first, second or third) of infection according to the scheme described in the article.

If the second and higher, then purchase in pharmacy:

  • Cream or gel " for oily and problem skin»

  • Retin-a Gel or its analogues containing retinol

  • Antibiotic Doxycycline or its analogues. For example, Vibramycin

How to take drugs?


  1. wash with gel for oily and problem skin

  2. eat breakfast

  3. take 40 to 100mg of doxycycline


  • wash with gel for oily and problem skin

Please note that the antibiotic is administered after a meal. If you do not adhere to this rule, there may be unpleasant consequences in the form of nausea or vomiting.

Be patient and do this procedure for 90 days. After swipe control internal flora for the presence of microbes. If the dynamics will be positive, then stop the course.

When new lesions do not engage in extrusion. Otherwise, you can provoke the progression of the infection.

Do not self-medicate, especially antibiotics. This can cause the body to become resistant to drugs. In consequence, there will be no result from taking antibiotics.

Do not take doxycycline more than 200mg per day. This is the maximum allowable daily dose!